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I spent many months looking for the best dropshippers.  I can save you a lot of time.

My search for Internet riches began with "The only way to make money on the Internet is to sell on eBay." Of course, this advise came from a company that had eBay super-sellers teaching through webinars on different aspects of selling on eBay. OK, I thought, learn from someone who has actually made money online.

Everything was very detailed except what to sell.  At first the answer is always "sell something you have that you do not use anymore."  After a recent divorce I had little in the way of clutter.  But even if I did, I could not imagine making a steady substantial income from used household items.  The super-sellers all supposedly started that way but eventually found niche markets, such as sunglasses, underwear, and such.  They always suggested that we needed to find our own niches and eBay suppliers.

At the time I lived in a very small "house" on a very small, strictly residential street with no garage or storage areas so I could not envision running a eBay store from my home nor could I afford renting a space. So my solution was a drop shipper.  I ran the idea past the teachers and they did not say no, but none had any positive experiences with them. They all seemed to prefer hands-on shipments. That just would not work for me, at least not at first. So I started a search for eBay  drop shippers list.

Things posted on the Internet have a way of staying on the Internet. There is a lot of outdated info that comes up on Google searches.  Even something dated as recent as 6 months may not be accurate today.  I found as many horror stories as I found sources. A few of the companies that I did contact did not seem as helpful as I had hoped. Many of the eBay suppliers had similar if not identical items.  I just didn’t know who to trust. I could not find the best drop shippers, or  any eBay suppliers that I felt comfortable with.

I have recently came across the best place to find legitimate, pre-screened drop shippers, wholesalers, liquidators, and manufacturers – over five thousand of the world’s best suppliers. This database is updated constantly unlike the brief lists in the resource section of most books, ebooks, and blog posts.

They have eBay suppliers for everything that you can imagine selling–jewelry dropshippers, pc liquidators, dvd dropshippers, electronic liquidators, wholesale clothing companies…even plumbing suppliers.

And for top brand-name products: Gucci, Sony, Apple, D&G, Panasonic, Nike, Prada, Lacoste, HP and more!

International shipping is not a problem. Many of the suppliers are more than willing to ship overseas.

Low or minimum order quantities are available for those just starting out.

There is not a recurring monthly fee, but a one-time, tax deductible, lifetime membership. And this one-time fee also includes access to free training and the forum for life.

To find the best eBay dropshippers You Need Saleshoo!

Ebay Dropship      When I first learned about ebay dropshipping I was so excited. Yes, finally something that makes logical sense! 

 Ebay Shipping Basics 10 Tips To Get Started Right    I have been a powerseller on eBay for 4 years and not once have I paid for packing materials. EBay and USPS offer free boxes, UPS offers free shipping labels. 

 Ebay Drop Shipping    You may be surprised to know that many sellers on eBay utilize drop shipping to earn their income.

Wholesale Dropship Suppliers and Resellers    When using a wholesale dropship supplier you can stock your online store with a variety of products without having to carry an inventory. 

 How to Find a DVD Dropshipper    Selling DVD’s on eBay seems to be fairly popular. There are many niche DVD’s you could sell and build your own eBay store around a particular DVD niche.

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