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Good wholesale dropshippers can make your online business fly. This is especially so if they can get you access to whatever product available in the market today. It does not matter what merchandise you are searching for, be it a pair of branded jeans, sports wear or the latest MP4 player. As long as you can lay your hands on it easily with a simple one-click order, your customers would be pleased. Right here, we would take you behind-the-scenes so that you can learn how to differentiate an honest, reliable and real one from a fake.

Real wholesale dropshippers would never charge you extra fees to ship a package for you to your customer. A middleman masquerading as a direct wholesaler would charge you a delivery fee simply because the margins are thin and he got to earn some profits. True blue distribution agents or companies need not do this as they have the distribution network ready and all product prices have incorporated the delivery service charges.

One problem you would also face when you unwittingly deal with the middlemen is the longer delivery time. In the long run, it does no good to your online business as profits are eroded and your reputation and credibility are affected. So it pays to find reliable wholesale dropshippers and establish long-lasting partnerships. They ensure you always enjoy products of the best quality at the lowest prices possible. You also need not worry that the goods do not reach your customers on time.

A real wholesale dropshipper is also first and foremost a distributor. Do not be confused between the two. Suppliers hold the stocks in their inventory and dropshippers take care of the delivery. However, wholesale ones are both as in they being suppliers also offer delivery services for their customers. These customers are mostly resellers or online retailers or auctioneers like yourself. The shipping is anonymous to the end users, the consumers who purchases from you. To your customers, they would think the products came directly from you and the whole process is seamless.

Since they own the wholesale business, they would transact directly with the product manufacturers. Stocks are purchased in bulk and stored in their warehouses or other storage facilities. Wholesale dropshippers are able to negotiate for deep bargains with the manufacturers. The whole transaction is mutually beneficial. The manufacturers clear their stock inventory fast and the wholesalers get great deals.

At the same time, real wholesale dropshippers are able to give you what is called the wholesale prices for their merchandise while still earning a profit margin for themselves. This price is often about 15 to 30 percent below market rates for each individual product. You can then resell the product for a handsome profit.

Seek out the top international dropship wholesale distributors listed on my blog to maximize profits. This article may be freely reprinted or distributed in its entirety in any ezine, newsletter, blog or website. The author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and be included with every reproduction.

Author: Davion Wong

Discover how you can supercharge your profits and grab deep wholesale discounts from the best dropship wholesale distributors Also learn several useful tips on finding reliable dropship wholesale distributors

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Davion_Wong

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